Google Wave Good Practice in Learning

In a recent post, Kathleen Fitzpatrick has given a good description of how you can use Google Wave in class. The post is interesting to read for both novice Wave users, as well as for more seasoned professionals. Main conclusion; Google Wave is great groupware for students working together taking notes and creating shared products.nieuws

The article gives a detailed explanantion on how she setup her class and what happened during.

Some good practices that can be distilled:

  • Make sure you have all accounts setup properly and use a Google Group for allowing students to enter the wave;
  • Appoint a ‘editor in chief’; this person is in charge of editing the notes and creating a readible wave;
  • Evaluate with participants on the pro’s and con’s of using new technology;
  • Regard Google Wave as Groupware (shared collaboration to create a product), not just a communication platform.

At the end of the semester, in conjunction with my course evaluations, I asked my students to assess their experiences with Wave—and to a person, they liked it.

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