Rabobank Publishes L&D Trend Report

Trendwiel Rabobank LD 1Rabobank has just released their new L&D trend report. This time the analysis was conducted in cooperation with preferred suppliers (a list of highly regarded and influential companies in the Dutch and international marketplace). The report presents a new model for managing innovation within the L&D domain and contains a multitude of examples from Rabobank and it’s suppliers. To improve access to the content the main editors (your’s truly and Marieke Rutten, a Master Student of Innovation at Eindhoven Tech) decided to create an interactive pdf document and distribution based on Creative Commons.

It has been two years since Rabobank published it’s first L&D Trend Report. Time for an update….

Based on desk research, we concluded that the main trends that were identified two years ago had only shifted slightly. More emphasis on using big data and learning analytics was one of the notable changes. But all-in-all the changes didn’t merit a full new report. It would simply be a lot of copy-paste work. In itself this is an important finding; the developments in the L&D arena are there, but do not include radical new models or technologies that are currently being hyped. The industry is improving, more companies – including Rabobank – are experimenting. The distribution on the hype-cycle seems rather stable.

We therefor decided to create another type of overview that would help our internal stakeholders to see the maturity of trends and technologies within the context of Rabobank. Our hope is that our internal clients will be more easily persuaded to use innovative approaches if they have the luxury of working with a partner who has experience with that approach. The different levels of maturity also allow for a meaningful dialogue about the approach of the project, ranging from a scrum-type implementation project, to a proof of concept or participating in a research project.

The three basic questions we tried to answer were:

  • Which of these trends are mature enough to be implemented? Which need more experimenting? And what it on the further horizon?
  • How do these trends relate to the vision and strategy of L&D within Rabobank?
  • Are there any examples from within Rabobank or our preferred suppliers we can use?

You can read the full report here. Trendcircle Rabobank 2016

Please note that we believe innovation is context sensitive. This means that not all trends and hypes are listed here. Either because they aren’t very relevant for Rabobank or because they have become so commonplace they are now part of the normal way of working. This report specifically applies to the situation at Rabobank. Readers from other companies can have a different perspective on the trends and their maturity respective to their situation.

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