Practice what you preach

It’s really funny how I can talk for hours and hours about social media. But when I’m trying to practice what I preach, I get all confused. Where do I have all these links and passwords to get on my learning wave,on google wave, on my google docs, my linkedIn, my Hyves, my website(s), etc. etc. When I’m trying to find it, I get disturbed by Skype, e-mail, sms, a (really oldfashioned) phone call and not to mention my two kids (in real life). But, I’m willing to use these media myself in order to experience what teachers and students experience. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed the day I visited the learning wave in Putten. Meet my NetOO-friends, discuss about the fact if we were learning formal or informal. Have contact with experts from all over the world, without any boundaries. Meeting Pl√łn Verhagen, our former professor and his opinion on social learning. But most of all the fact that I’m sure the extrinsic motivation to use social media and share my knowledge, will soon become intrinsic.