Free Play


I had a very interesting conversation this week with Ton Baan from the company Emplayment. He is the once developer of one of the first gamified apps for learning kids how to write (LetterSchool). He has always been interested in gamification, playfulness and its power for learning. We often have semi-phylosophic conversations on all . . . →lees meer

Rabobank Publishes L&D Trend Report

Rabobank has just released their new L&D trend report. This time the analysis was conducted in cooperation with preferred suppliers (a list of highly regarded and influential companies in the Dutch and international marketplace). The report presents a new model for managing innovation within the L&D domain and contains a multitude of examples from Rabobank . . . →lees meer

Front end of innovation; need(s) some disruption?

FEIEMEA is a conference about the Front-end of innovation. The easiest way to understand the scope is to look at the innovation funnel en focus on the first stage of the model. Participants are mainly based in Europe (in particular the north west), with around 150 delegates from multinational companies, R&D companies, Innovation management companies, . . . →lees meer

Reflections on HR Tech Europe in Amsterdam

Last couple of days saw the HR Tech team pull into Amsterdam with a packed program. 2147 delegates, 156 speakers and a host of suppliers (including 20 startups) got together in the RAI convention centre to meet and share. I was asked to join as speaker on behalf of Rabobank and had a 25 minute . . . →lees meer

Learning Everywhere – Exit onderwijskundige?

Chad Udell heeft onlangs een boek geschreven over mobile content strategies: “Learning everywhere. How mobile content strategies are transforming training”

Toen ik vandaag aansloot bij een online seminar (eLearningGuild) over mLearning, stond opeens deze zelfde auteur daar op het programma. En hij slaat wat mij betreft de spijker op zijn kop.

Van de onderwijskundige wordt . . . →lees meer

Four Technology Trends for Corporate Learning

A study conducted at Rabobank shows there are four main technology trends for learning, making learning more social, ubiquitous, immersive and surprisingly smart. . . . →lees meer

Google Wave Good Practice in Learning

Description of good practice of using Google Wave in class . . . →lees meer

Group Directed Learning can be formal and directed too

Jane Hart

Jane Hart published an update to her acclaimed ‘State of Social Learning Today‘. In it she describes a model that distinguishes between five types of (social) learning that takes place in and around the workplace. The types seem pretty straightforward;

Formal Structured Learning Personal Directed Learning Group Directed Learning Intra-Organisational Learning Accidental . . . →lees meer

A temporal perspective on learning environments

Addition to the Moravec study on post-temponormative pedagogy. Jan Nieuweboer concludes that the technical environments are available, but the systems in which they need to work make it impossible to free the pedagogy of its linear shackles. . . . →lees meer

Portfolio's in het hoger onderwijs

Woensdagmiddag 14 april bij de SIG Portfolio bijeenkomst van Surf geweest. Het overzicht van gebruik, gebruikte instrumenten, uitdagingen, en wat er in de nabije toekomst staat te gebeuren is erg informatief. Enkele observaties: Het Blackboard portfolio (basic of enterprise) lijkt beperkingen te hebben waar je op een gegeven moment last van gaat krijgen. Twee punten . . . →lees meer