Eerste ervaringen met iPad voor leren

Wilfred Rubens heeft een eerste overzicht samengesteld over de educatieve toepassingen van de iPad van Apple. Hij verzamelde onder andere materiaal van Elliot Masie, Jane Hart en Ellen Barrett.

Wilfred Rubens has created a first overview of educational applications of the iPad. His blog is in Dutch, but allows for a convenient way to find . . . →lees meer

European Partners explore Language Learning through Social Media

The University of Luxemburg has initiated a pan-European initiative to investigate the possibilities of using social media for language learning.

14 Partners, from very different backgrounds, share their knowledge and ideas. The initiative is supported by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Lifelong Learning Programme and specifically targets 6 areas:

Language learning, social . . . →lees meer

Is learning by using social media always informal learning?

One of the topics that constantly passed in our discussions during the learningwave was the difference between formal and informal learning. Is social learning always informal learning or is learning in a classroom always formal learning? Is it obviously that in a Community of Practice the learning is informal learning? Many examples passed our minds . . . →lees meer

We're off to LearningWave2010!

We are really excited! Tomorrow we will kick off our first-ever LearningWave gathering. For two days we will immerse ourselves in Technology Enhanced Learning. All participants will bring their own perspectives, making it an ideal place to learn.

We are really pleased that we may welcome four very distinguished guests:

Etienne Wenger, THE authority on . . . →lees meer