Free Play


I had a very interesting conversation this week with Ton Baan from the company Emplayment. He is the once developer of one of the first gamified apps for learning kids how to write (LetterSchool). He has always been interested in gamification, playfulness and its power for learning. We often have semi-phylosophic conversations on all . . . →lees meer

Learning Everywhere – Exit onderwijskundige?

Chad Udell heeft onlangs een boek geschreven over mobile content strategies: “Learning everywhere. How mobile content strategies are transforming training”

Toen ik vandaag aansloot bij een online seminar (eLearningGuild) over mLearning, stond opeens deze zelfde auteur daar op het programma. En hij slaat wat mij betreft de spijker op zijn kop.

Van de onderwijskundige wordt . . . →lees meer

Group Directed Learning can be formal and directed too

Jane Hart

Jane Hart published an update to her acclaimed ‘State of Social Learning Today‘. In it she describes a model that distinguishes between five types of (social) learning that takes place in and around the workplace. The types seem pretty straightforward;

Formal Structured Learning Personal Directed Learning Group Directed Learning Intra-Organisational Learning Accidental . . . →lees meer

A temporal perspective on learning environments

Addition to the Moravec study on post-temponormative pedagogy. Jan Nieuweboer concludes that the technical environments are available, but the systems in which they need to work make it impossible to free the pedagogy of its linear shackles. . . . →lees meer

Listen 2 what a computer can do 4 a 4 year old

TED features 12 year old Adora Svitak, who says the world needs more childish thinking. While this posting might not have much to do with technology enhanced learning, Adora is an inspirational girl who is worth listening to (and keep an eye open for).

Only 8 minutes …

Or click here for the FLV . . . →lees meer

Vier factoren die bijdragen aan snelle adoptie van technologie in het onderwijs

Vandaag stuitte ik op een mooi, bondig artikel van Janet Buckenmeyer. De auteur geeft enkele heldere aanwijzingen waarmee je de adoptie van nieuwe technologie op school kunt versnellen. Het gaat om vier factoren die je kunt beïnvloeden, en die direct correleren met de adoptie door docenten van technologie in het leerproces.

Het mooie is dat . . . →lees meer

Practice what you preach

It’s really funny how I can talk for hours and hours about social media. But when I’m trying to practice what I preach, I get all confused. Where do I have all these links and passwords to get on my learning wave,on google wave, on my google docs, my linkedIn, my Hyves, my website(s), etc. . . . →lees meer

School adoption strategy for Digital Media

In a recent article Ewan McIntosh described how they got edubuzz to such a success in the UK. He describes an adoption strategy for social media in learning from a change management perspective. He shares some valuable insights that are hardly new, but often overlooked. The most important one; leaders in education should take initiative . . . →lees meer